1972 Born in Aichi Prefecture.

1994 Graduated from Musashino Art University.

2008 After working at private companies, awarded master’s degree in Human Studies from Taisho University (Clinical Psychology).

2009-2014 Clinical Psychologist at Hamamatsu Social Welfare Center for Developmental Medicine.

2011-present School Counselor at elementary and junior high schools in Aichi Prefecture.

2011 Certified as C-class Logotherapist.

2013-present Employment supporter for persons with disabilities at Hello Work Offices. Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, and Special Educational Needs Specialist .

2016 Certified as B-class Logotherapist.

2019 Certified as A-class Logotherapist.

It was inevitable for me to find Japanese Purpose in Life Test (PIL Test) because I was seeking meaningful job and life after I had lost meaning in working for private companies. Triggered by use of the test, I started learning Logotherapy.

Even though living a rich and convenient life, men often feel existential emptiness unless having clear purpose of life. They are prone to spend bored hours without purpose, getting frustrated and anxious vaguely.

One who has been making efforts for self-actualization may acquire fortune and social status. But, as long as borrowing value sense from others, she/he cannot live a meaningful life, blaming society or others for her/his unfavorable life.

Frankl warned modern humans of existential emptiness. He told that it’s up to the individual whether she/he can live a meaningful life under given circumstances. Making good use of my experiences, I will share Logotherapy widely with others to prevent them from existential emptiness.

I am serving as School Counselor at elementary and junior high schools and Employment Supporter for persons with disabilities.