The Japan Logotherapist Association (JLA) was established on August 25, 2008 , with its founding declaration at the first Logotherapists’ Lecture Meeting on the day in Tokyo, Japan.

Since Kayao Katsuta’s Logotherapy Seminar was first held in April, 2001 in Tokyo and Osaka about 30 C-class Logotherapists, 13 B-class Logotherapists and 8 A-class Logotherapists have been certified.

Every Logotherapists are making efforts to apply this meaning-centered therapy to many cases in each their professional field to promote use of Logotherapy in Japan.

The JLA aims to promote close tie among people who are studying Logotherapy in Japan, to help each other to deepen understanding of the Logotherapy, and diffuse Logotherapy among general people through lectures and publication.

Chairperson, Japan Logotherapist Association
Kayao Katsuta

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