1965 Born in Fukuoka Prefecture.

1988- Working for a private business.

2003- Counselor at a telephone counseling unit for men of a civilian group.

2004 Certified as C-class Logotherapist.

2004- Counselor for a helpline for men run by a municipality in the Kansai area.

2008 Certified as B-class Logotherapist.

2012 Certified as C-class Logotherapist.

Senior Industrial Counselor, Mental Health Welfare Professional

Counseling for men and Logotherapy

Since the number of suicides rapidly increased to over 30,000 in 1998 in Japan, the number has been maintaining almost the same level. Men accounted for more than 70% of suicides throughout the same period. Under such circumstances, increased number of local municipalities set up a counseling unit dedicated for men, in addition to conventional one for women, at their Office for Gender Equality.

While working for a private company, I am engaged in a helpline for men run by a municipality that quickly started such a program in Kansai area.
For most of men who have always been competing with others in a competitive society, it is a shame and requires gathering courage to tell their pain or distress to others. This is why men tend to choose death without saying anything. But it is never a shame for men to dwell on their pain or distress, I am sure.
Admiring visitors to our counseling for their courage, I will stand by them so that they may restore their true “worrying ability” to find their feet. I believe that logotherapy can help them in restoring “worrying ability.”