1951 Born in Wakayama City.

1974 Graduated from School of Law, Osaka City University.

1975-2012 Teaching social studies in public high schools in Wakayama Prefecture for 37 years until retirement

2004 Certified as C-class Logotherapist

2009 Certified as B-class Logotherapist

2012 Part-time teacher at Wakayama Prefectura Koyo High School (geography)

2012 Certified as A-class Logotherapist

Lecturer at Living Culture Club, Wakayama Living Newspaper (“Read Soseki”)

Head of Wakanoura History Guild Club

After graduating from a university, I had been teaching social studies (geography, history and civics) at public high schools for 37 years until I retired in spring 2012.
We are often faced with self-catechism about our own profession when we have been engaged in a profession for a long time.
Especially since teachers face mountainous pile of educational problems, they cannot continue working without clear life philosophy and solid world view.

In my middle age, I, too, was close to losing my confidence in teaching. It was such a time when I encountered with Frankl and attended the Logotherapy Seminar.
Since then, I had been seeking my niche which I should fill up in school education though I was shy and not very good at interpersonal relations. I concluded that I teach my students by showing myself as a living example to students, and I live my life as I teach. After that I was able to lead a satisfactory professional life until retirement.

My after-retirement life revolves around family and local community activities.

I will behave there while listening to those voices addressed to me and finding meanings as my life goes on.
Interested in Soseki Natsume, Japanese novelist in 19th century who wrote about the strain of life, I am lecturing about Soseki at a culture center.
Making use of my environment conservation activities in the past, I am also engaged in an activity as a storyteller about history and the nature of our local community.