Born in 1961 in Tokyo.

Graduated from a university and joined a newspaper publisher in 1983.

Became a freelance journalist in 2020 spring.

Authored a book on people affected by Frankl’s Man’s Searching for Meaning, books on crime victims, etc.

2016 Certified as C-class Logotherapist.

2018 Certified as B-class Logotherapist.

2019 Certified as A-class Logotherapist.

Since I met Logotherapy in my information gathering, I have frequently attended Logo-Semi to have a close contact with the attendee as if they had been my old acquaintances. I felt as if I had known Logotherapy theory long before because it was like what I had been struggling to express. To live a life nevertheless is inevitable to our life to greater or lesser degree. I learned much from crime victims who had met unexpected loss or difficulty. Logotherapy helps me philosophically explain what I learned.

This is why I continued to attend Logo-Semi until I was certified as A-class Logotherapist.

Frankl told that we cannot teach nor give meaning of life and that Logotherapist should help clients find meaning of their life as a catalyst. Mrs. Katsuta always tells us that Logotherapy is not a technique for therapy but an art of living which sees each man is questioned by life.

I will respond to a question from each situation in life and share the essence of Logotherapy with others in my own way.