Born in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.

Engaged in nursing for about 14 years at Iwate Prefectural Central Hospital.

The patients there included those before operation, those undergoing radiation treatments, and terminal cancer patients.

Subsequently, taught at Iwate Prefectural Nursing College for 11 years, during which I completed Master Degree from Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Iwate University.

At present, as a professor at Iwate Prefectural University, I am teaching basic nursing sciences and end-of-life care to undergraduate students; and nursing support science and cancer nursing to graduate fellows.

-Intervention program to improve health promoting behaviors of patients with hypertension in light of Logotherapy

I was certified as A-class Logotherapist after attending seminar on logotherapy, which I learn about in my research at a graduate school.

I am teaching nursing science at a university.
Under significant influence of logotherapy, Joyce Travelbee, a nursing authority, wrote that nurses have a responsibility to help patients finding meaning in the experience of illness and suffering.

I am delivering lecture on logotherapy in my class on Travelbee’s nursing as its background.
I am also introducing logotherapy in my class on nursing and counseling skills as well as on spiritual care.

I support nurses and students based on views of logotherapy. I will continue to study logotherapy to apply the theory to chronic aliment patients for improving their living habits.