Born in 1952 in Tokyo.

Based in Kyoto since 1977.

Joined the head office of Kyoto-based welfare corporation providing telephone counselling service in 2005.

Assumed the director of the corporation in 2014.

2010 Certified as C-class Logotherapist.

2014 Certified as B-class Logotherapist.

2019 Certified as A-class Logotherapist.

On the day of the funeral ceremony of my husband in November 2004, Man's Search for Meaning, a book by Viktor Frankl, suddenly came to my mind after many years since I had read it such a long time ago. The book led me to start studying with Logotherapist Kayao Katsuta-Grandy in 2005. The opportunity to learn about Frankl’s Logotherapy with Ms. Katsuta-Grandy was like the tree of knowledge that I desperately needed at that time, and I felt I was guided by fate or destiny.

My job now is training telephone counselling volunteers. The goal of telephone counselling is to be a friend without superiority over each other and share the moment of once-in-a-lifetime. It is neither to be a problem solver or a good listener. Instead, it is crucial to have a deep understanding and tender loving care to others in a way that Frankl called “being with” or “Bei-Sein.” This becomes possible not only by learning theories but also by getting involved with others while reflecting on themselves honestly.

My mission is to instruct would-be counsellors how to walk while looking backwards. This mission can be performed only after I myself live a life while reflecting on myself honestly.