Born in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.

1981 Graduated from the Second Faculty of Law, Kokugakuin University (Law course)

1989-2008 Worked at Showa University Karasuyama Hospital

1991 Graduated from Karasuyama College of Nursing, Showa University

2008 Certified as C-class Logotherapist

2011 Certified as B-class Logotherapist

2012 Certified as A-class Logotherapist

2008-present Nurse at Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital

I am working as a nurse at a mental care center of a university hospital.

I conducted a case study based on Human to Human Relationship Model developed by Joyce Travelbee. My attempt to conduct an existential analysis ended up in a failure.

I encountered with Frankl by his Man’s Search for Meaning during my difficult days under organizational pressure of the hospital.
I recovered zest for living by learning that life has meaning under all circumstances.

Later with an introduction from a friend of mine, I came to attend the Logotherapy Seminar and met Mrs. Katsuta. I, myself, then experienced a devastated event but I was able to get recovered from it thanks to logotherapy. I think logotherapy is not only a therapy but addresses something that inquires us about our lifestyle.

I will not make monopoly of logotherapy for my own sake, but will make good use of it in daily nursing.
There are people who suffer from depression, schizophrenia, obsessional neurosis, dissociative disorder, or eating disorders in our mental care center.
I am currently busy with management work and have little chance to contact directly with patients. However I will cherish every encounter with patients to find meaning of their suffering by creating I-Thou relationship with them.