Japan Logotherapist Assosiation Journal

Japan Logotherapist Assosiation Journal

The JLA has been publishing Japan Logotherapist Association Journal (in Japanese only) since 2009 on an annual base. The journal contains reports from Logotherapists in Japan about their various activities for practical application of Logotherapy in their specialized field. Past numbers are available except the first number at 1,100 yen per a copy including shipping cost.

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.15 (published in 2023)◆

  • Prefatory note “Child of the king” by Kayao Katsuta
  • “30 years to play with children under advanced medical treatments --Embracing Frankl’s “Man’s searching for meaning--” by Kazuko Sakaue
  • “My encounter with logotherapy” by Setsuko Fukano
  • “25 years to search for meaning according to circumstances as a son of a psychiatric hospital manager” by Fuminori Chida

  • “The forest is longing for the sea and the sea is longing for the sea --Planting trees in our heart—" by Shigeatsu Hatakeyama

  • “Facing people on the street through supportive activities” by Gakugen Yoshimitsu

  • “Logotherapy and convicts --Bei-sein with perpetrators—" by Wang Nang
  • “Developmental disorder --rehabilitation, acceptance and well-being—" by Yui Hirono
  • “My challenge in the aged days hinted by encounter with people in a quarter century” by Takao Fukatsu
  • “Flight from two to three dimensions by spiritual care for cases with spiritual pain hoping death --The possibility of application of logotherapy to spiritual care—" by Masaaki Sato

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.14 (published in 2022)◆

  • Prefatory note “Suffering experiences to strengthen people’s relations” by Kayao Katsuta
  • “Studies on own life by parties involved to say “Yes” in spite of everything” by Ikuyoshi Mukaiyachi
  • “What I found after continuing to choose my attitude in given circumstances” by Kanae Moriyasu
  • “My encounter with Yokkun --My volunteerism to play with sick children—" by Morio Wakisaka

  • “Education on Holocaust in the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum” by Takeshi Nakatani
  • “Living a life with love and sorrow” by Yumiko Hongo

  • “Heros I met in the disaster area --Declaration on the 10th anniversary of 3.11 disaster” by Shoko Watanabe
  • “Literary study and logotherapy --Until I can see the world beautifully—" by Rakuhi Nii
  • “Creativity and imagination of space we found through making rooms tidy --Minimalism and logotherapy—" by Akiko Ueda and Tomoko Sakai

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.13 (published in 2021)◆

  • Prefatory note ” The great sound of symphony”by Kayao Katsuta

  • 20-year record on Logotherapy Seminar, Japan

  • Record on Japan Logotherapist Association (JLA) and Japan Logotherapist Association Journals

  • Contribution of JLA members “Logotherapy and I”

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.12 (published in 2020)◆

  • Prefatory note “A cracked vase”
  • “Positive sensitiveness, another meaning of life” by Durian Sukegawa
  • “Living a life with human relations” by Eriko Wasai
  • “Magic of logotherapy --Presents from another Frederick—" by Takako Yamamoto

  • “10 points of Frankl’s argument on personality --Application of Logo-pedagogics to practices” written by Johanna Schechner and Heidermarie Zuerner, translated by Kayao Katsuta

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.11 (published in 2019)◆

  • Prefatory note "Bei-sein in books and life of V. Frankl" by Kayao Katsuta
  • "Frankl's legacy for 21st century" by Harold Mori (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Mental care by a medical doctor" by Noriaki Hayashida
  • "Being there. Logotherapy for journalists" by Michiko Kawahara

  • Report on Special Supervision 2017
  • "Being beside a boy with problems" by Takako Yamamoto
  • Comments about Yamamoto's report by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Logotherapy to promote personal autonomy" by Kaori Yoshida
  • Comments about Yoshida's report by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.10 (published in 2018)◆

  • "What if past burden hinders creating present life? -What is helpful for children and grandchildren of war generation" by Otto Zsok (Translated by Kayao Katsuta-Grandy)
  • "My encounter with Logotherapy" by Fukujiro Shiroki
  • "Logotherapy, more than psychotherapy" by Koji Iwata

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.9 (published in 2017)◆

  • "What Auschwitz means." by Tsuyoshi Nakatani
  • "Living with suffering? -Logotherapy for a self-support group-" by Yui Hirono
  • "Learning and doing Logotherapy" by Tomomi Asamura

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.8 (published in 2016)◆

  • "Close to ‘lives’ of children" by Ryota Hosoya
  • "What a person can achieve even with illness" by Tomoe Makino
  • "Thinking about aging" by Takao Fukatsu

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.7 (published in 2015)◆

  • "Logotherapy as telephone counseling, a meeting only once in a lifetime" by Mayumi Nakase
  • "Logotherapy as clinical practice at a town clinic" by Yukiyo Nitta
  • "Lao-tze and Viktor Frankl" by Osamu Kokubun
  • "Viktor Frankl and I , a victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake" by Mikito Ishiki

  • 『Report about the independent symposium on logotherapy for clinical psychology at the 33rd autumn convention of the Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology』
  • "Basic tenets of logotherapy" by Tomohiro Kusano
  • "Logotherapy as industrial counseling" by Masanori Chiba
  • "Logotherapy as clinical practice" by Nami Honda
  • "Logotherapy as e-mail counseling" by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
  • Questions and answers
  • "Report on the symposium" by Yoshie Yasuda

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.6 (published in 2014)◆

  • "Why could they say Yes to their own life even after the great earthquake on March 11, 2011?" by Shoko Watanabe
  • "Seeking for white stones in life - Logotherapy for a self-help group-" by Ranka Suzuki (pseudonym)
  • "Logotherapy for youngsters feeling fear of entering upon life" by Naomi Matsui
  • "Poverty and mental health of children - Analysis of community carte survey in two cities-" by Motoo Kusakabe
  • "Logotherapy for prevention of addiction" by Elizabeto Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "The meaning for therapists other than Logotherapist to learn Logotherapy" by Dr. Tomohiro Kusano

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.5 (published in 2013)◆

  • "Life of Janusz Korczak in light of Flankl’s philosophy" by Mr. Mitsuaki Nakashima in Tokyo, freelancer
  • "Modern society in terms of hikikomori or social withdrawal -- From a pavement cobble to a mosaic stone -- " by Dr. Tomohiro Kusano in Shizuoka Prefecture, lecturer
  • "Could we say yes in spite of everything?" by Mr. Hisaya Hojo in Miyagi Prefecture, teacher
  • "Dialogue with Frankl -- Meaning-centered intervention --“ by Dr. Nami Honda in MiyagiPrefecture, psychiatrist
  • "Logotherapy for Clinical Practice" by S.E. Schulenberg, R.R.Hutzell, C.Nassif and J.M. Rogina; Translated by Ms Junko Hiraishi in Tokyo, translator and Dr. Tomohiro Kusano in Shizuoka Prefecture, lecturer
  • "Life of Frankl and Logotherapy ? Saying yes to life in spite of everything ?" by Ms Kayao Katsuta

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.4 (published in 2012)◆

  • "Reflection on Logotherapy I" by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta
  • "To experience one's own personality -- New form of 'self awareness' --" by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Labeled Victim -- Frankl and 'Living from Human network series'" by Ms Michiko Kawahara in Tokyo, Senior staff writer, Asahi Shimbun
  • "The great earthquake and I" by Mr. Fukujiro Shiroki in Miyagi Prefecture, NPO director
  • "From Ishinomaki: Supported by Logotherapist" by Mr. Yukio Sato in Tokyo, Nurse
  • "Logotherapy for support to hikikomori or Social Withdrawal" by Dr. Tomohiro Kusano in Tokyo, Lecturer

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.3 (published in 2011)◆

  • "Reflection on Logotherapy I" by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Logotherapy in development of in-company human resource" by Ms. Mayumi Iwatani in Hyogo Prefecture, Business consultant
  • "Psychology for job assistance -- from Logotherapy view -- " by Mr. Osamu Kokubun in Miyag Prefecture, NPO staff
  • "Naikan therapy and Logotherapy -- learning from a case of a manic-depressive psychosis patient -- " by Mr. Kuniyuki Fukazawa in Fukushima Prefecture, clinical psychotherapist
  • Aiming to improve business promotion ability --- Post-fin of “Tiller A -- ” by Masanori Chiba in Hyogo Prefecture, Vocational counselor
  • "Longing for something far and away -- NPO activity to watch sunset at Saigasaki, Wakayama Prefecture" by Mr. Tetsuji Kajikawa in Wakayama Prefecture , NPO member

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.2 (published in 2010)◆

  • "Literary works and achievements of Elizabeth Lukas" by Victor Frankl (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "'Development and challenges of Logotherapy' from 'Your life has a meaning'" by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Application of Logotherapy to education at school -- in career counseling at a high school --" by Tesuji Kajikawa in Wakayama Prefecture, High school teacher
  • "Learning Logotherapy from life of people" by Ms. Junko Hiraishi in Tokyo, Translator
  • "Intervention program for health promotive actions of hypertensive in light of Logotherapy" by Ms. Kazuko Kikuchi in Iwate Prefectrure, Professor
  • "Reflection on modern interpretation of human being and Homo Patience -- what is expected of Logotherapist in the 21st century --" by Mr. Testuo Okamoto in Hyogo Prefecture, Professor
  • "Availability of Logotherapy in Japan ?Classification and treatment of depressive symptomatology" by Kayao Katsuta

◆Japan Logotherapist Association Journal No.1 (published in 2009)◆

  • "Message from Dr. E. Lukas by Elizabeth Lukas" (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Acknowledgement to my master" by Elizabeth Lukas (Translated by Kayao Katsuta)
  • "Logotherapy for mother whose child remains unconscious" by Ms. Tomoe Makino in Ishikawa Prefecture, Professor
  • "Logotherapy in development of in-company human resource" by Ms. Mayumi Iwatani in Hyogo Prefecture, consultant
  • "Counseling for men and Logotherapy" by Mr. Keisuke Fukue in Hyogo Prefecture, Telephone counselor
  • "Use of Logotherapy for a job ?Application to mental health at workplaces" by Mr. Masanori Chiba in Hyogo Prefecture, Vocational counselor
  • "Encounter with brightness of a woman who sincerely tackled with her life" by Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi in Iwate Prefecture, Professor
  • "Consideration on burn out -- from the viewpoint of Logotherapy --" by Kayao Katsuta


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